About the Brand

Whether in New York, Los Angeles, London or Sydney, there’s always a Broadway where: Trends are set and styles are born. It is the urban center at the cutting edge of business, media, finance and the arts. Broadway is a major thoroughfare at the crossroads of the world. It is the hub lined with theater, art, fashion and commerce.

Salon Broadway Frizz Solutions

  • Salon Broadway Frizz Solutions brand is a line of KERATIN INFUSED PREMIUM salon quality haircare products at RETAIL prices.
  • Targets specific haircare needs for frizzy, dull or unmanageable hair
  • Delivers performance and results utilizing key ingredient KERATIN, an industry proven protein for smoothing and eliminating frizzy hair
  • Frizz Solutions “Keratin Infused” BOSS COLOR Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner provides Frizz calming color protection “Extending” the life of color treated hair.
  • Attractive, functional, user-friendly packaging aids the consumer in making the right choice to get the results they want for their haircare needs